Royal Theatrical Fund

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Royal Theatrical Fund

Case Study - Overview

Royal Theatrical Fund is a charity primarily working with and for actors. The Charity was started by 4 actors in 1839. The four actors met one evening and decided that something had to be done about the large number of actors who end their lives in appalling hardship and poverty. Charles Dickens was the first Chairman and helped to set up the charity to serve as a pension for old or sick actors.

Their role is to provide support of all nature to actors who, for whatever the reason, find themselves out of work .

The Royal Theatrical Fund has no restrictive covenant applied to the nature and extent of the financial support it may provide. The Fund was reconstituted under a second Royal Charter in 1974, which enabled the Board of Directors to award grants, both regular and special, to members of the theatrical profession who require medical attention or are, for any reason, prevented from working due circumstances outside their control.

What were the customer’s needs & goals?

Due to the nature of the fund and the high profile they hold the impression they create is critical. Therefore the quality of their print must be to a high standard and must include features that make the whole thing stand out.

On many occasions well known ‘working’ actors take part in the events in support of the fund. This often results in our having to work with extremely tight turnaround times due to the actors, work schedules not being available until the last minute.

How did you satisfy those needs and help the customer meet their goals?

We are aware that the attendees at these events will all be expecting a flamboyant feel to every aspect of the presentation, including programmes and all other printed materials. As such we work with the team at ‘The Royal Theatrical Fund’ to advise how best to achieve their goal.

The overall objectives are to provide ‘the look’ and to meet their deadlines which I am pleased to say “we repeatedly achieve”.

Case Study - Clients Comments

Were you pleased with the results?

Eazyprint have never done a second rate job for us, everything is of the very highest standard. I have used many printers over the years and Eazyprint are by far the very best.

What was it like to work with Eazyprint?

Fantastic. Everyone who works there are brilliant, fun, creative, trustworthy, dedicated and incredibly helpful. The will go to any length to make sure you are happy. I would like to say they are now more than printer, they are friends.

Did Eazyprint go above and beyond your expectations?

Absolutely, as always, it’s second nature to them. You know when it comes back from Eazyprint it’s better than first class it’s quality, no matter what you supply them with…

Author: Janice Pretot Sales Executive

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