7 Secrets To Success

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7 Secrets To Success

A Guide To Producing Successful Print

The internet is an excellent advertising and sales device with e-mail marketing and e-commerce proving to be great tools to promote businesses. Many companies achieve fantastic results using these methods but some find it doesn’t always get them the overall results they wanted or need!

This is often where print breaks down the barriers.

Print isn’t ‘old hat’ it is still an excellent communication tool when used correctly. When applied along side e-commerce programmes it strengthens your message. Information packs or pure stand alone marketing pieces often grab the attention of your target audience. The subject matter needs to be of a high quality, with a defined message. The piece can also be personalised and created to suite each target market increasing a positive response rate.

Whatever method you choose to promote your company, the message you relay is majorly important.

If choosing print and using imagery the pictures should all be of a high quality with the overall finish marketing piece oozing top quality! This along with a message that has impact, instils confidence and delivers a message that says “we know what we are doing and we are the people you should be working with”. It is all about how you are perceived and received.

You have just a few seconds to get your message across, what you do, your services, what your product is and exactly how “they” will benefit from having you as a supplier – thus creating a need and securing a new client!

1. Don’t Try To Cram Too Much Into Your Leaflet!

I know what you might be thinking: “If I’m going to spend the money printing leaflets, I want to pack as much information in to it as I can”.


Think exactly what message you are trying to get across and stick to it. A single message has far more impact!

Know your business and your market - Look at your competition, compare your costs. What are your USPs (unique selling points), are you competitively priced, what makes you better than your competitors? Why should the customer buy from you? Why do they need your product or service?

The literature needs to make a good impression quickly. Your target market will look at your literature and decide in seconds if it interests them or not. If the literature is crammed with too much content, it is likely to end up in the bin.

Keep the message brief with a clean, uncomplicated design. It is worth investing in a professional designer. (We have two graphic designers that can help you with any design work you require).

The heading is crucial, so make sure that it is exact. That first line is what will grab attention. Now you have their attention what do you want them to do next…?

2. A Call To Action Is Needed!

Literature, especially marketing flyers require a call to action. Tell your prospective customer what to do next: “call us now”, “ring this number”, “e-mail us”, “visit our website” etc.

With promotional prices or limited offer discounts, you can ask for the order there and then by telling the customer to “place your order now, call and order now”… but make sure your phone number is clearly visible.

Make sure the time limits on the offer are clearly identified e.g. “While stocks last”, “Offer available from (date) for 30 days” or “offer finishes on (date)” etc. You want them to take action immediately if they don’t it is likely that the opportunity has disappeared forever.

3. No Contact Details, No Response!

You have had your literature designed and it looks great – make sure you have all your contact details on the document. Check they are correct and that they are well positioned, bold and visible!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people completely forget this hugely important detail.

If your contact information is incorrect or missing the opportunity will be lost and your literature ends up in the bin. All that you have achieved is wasting time and money! Make sure you include your contact details!

4. Identify Your Target Audience!!

It is important that you Identify your potential clients, make sure you are targeting the right people and if possible the right person within the company.

Targeting a specific industry or customer can boost your marketing response especially when producing a personalised piece of literature using variable data and variable imaging.

This is a relatively new marketing strategy called ‘emotional marketing’. Emotional marketing could increase your overall response rate from as little as 1% to 40%.

We can help you with this type of campaign. Talk to us about the specific market sectors and/ or individuals you would like to target and we will help you with design and images.

This style of print and marketing shows customers and prospects that you know and understand their business and you are far more likely to have captured their interest with the related imagery and by personalising the document with their name.

Emotional marketing could increase your response rate by up to 40%.

5. Don’t Order Too Much Literature All At Once!!

Businesses often fall into the trap of ordering print in volume believing it will save them money.

Why would you want to commit to an order of 5000 units (higher volumes are often pushed by many printers) when you only need 500? It is unlikely you will ever use the remaining 4500 pieces. They will most likely end up in a cupboard and gathering dust, tatty and out of date. Eventually they will be thrown away which is not good for the environment or you.

For example: 5000 units at a cost of £205.00 = £0.05 per unit.

4,500 are never used and are thrown away - actual cost is £0.41 per unit.

500 units at a cost of £113.00 = £0.226 per unit

As you can see, buying volume when you don’t really need it is a false economy! Order what you want when you want it. Don’t have print sitting in cupboards tying up valuable cash flow. Keep your literature up-todate and fresh.

Keep your money in your bank and your cash flow healthy.

6. Monitor All Incoming Enquiries!!

A new enquiry – great! Where did this enquiry come from, did you check? No!

It is vital that you know exactly how and where all-incoming enquiries have come from. Collecting this data is vital to monitoring the success or failure of marketing campaigns and to the overall future development of your company.

Monitor all marketing campaigns, literature, direct mail, leaflet drops, general information pack handouts etc. Measure the level of success and cost. Some great ways to help you track which piece of literature is working best for you is to use a promotional code on everything. Qualify all incoming enquiries and ask for the promotional code. (If you are not sure how this works, we can advise you in more detail).

Alternatively set up and use a dedicated telephone numbers such as 0800 numbers. This is not as expensive as you may think. By using dedicated numbers you can get monthly reports detailing the number of incoming enquiries/orders you have received helping you to measure the level of success.

7. Follow Up & Measure Your Results!!

Your literature should be powerful, delivering a clear message, creating a need if possible and reflecting a professional company.

Follow up on all literature sent out to clients and prospective clients. Not everyone responds at once, they quite often need a nudge. Ask what they thought of the offer or details you sent. This is valuable information that will ultimately help you to perfect your message.

Present your company regularly, make sure your literature is up to date and fresh each time taking on board all feedback and making any necessary changes or tweaks. If you don’t get the results you want change it, if you do get the results you want keep it going and maybe just tweak it from time to time.

These actions will ensure that you are kept at the forefront of your customers and prospects minds and as and when a need arises, they will contact you.

Follow up your campaign with a phone call , people often need a nudge to respond positively….”

Remember Do Not Give Up - Be Persistent!

I hope you have found this information to be of value and interest? Remember, print is not just a piece of paper with pictures and a few words - It is an invaluable communication tool!

Get it right and you will see a significant return on your investment, your business will grow and your profits will increase!

Author: Jordan Rzymski Lead Designer

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