Lamination - What & Why?

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Lamination - What & Why?

What is Laminate?

Laminate is a thin transparent plastic film which protects and preserves the material that it is applied to making it tear resistant, more durable and water resistant on the surface. It is applied using heat allowing the film to adhere fully to the material.

Why Laminate?

By applying Laminate to your print, you can reduce wear and tear from everyday use giving your print longevity. It is particularly useful on book covers and folded leaflets as it helps to prevent cracking on the folds and spines. Lamination also creates a professional look and feel to your printed material helping your product to stand out and be more memorable. Laminate is perfect for jobs such as business cards, menus, leaflets, posters, book and brochure covers, signs, packaging and any other items that you wish to prolong the life of. Although applying laminate initially increases the cost of your print, it reduces the need to reprint so frequently as it extends the life of the material. This in turn reduces the cost of print over time.

Types of Laminate?

Gloss Laminate repels dirt, dust and fingerprints and can be wiped clean thanks to its shiny finish and durability. The appearance of text and images become crisper, sharper and has more contrast. Light reflects of the laminate creating a striking finish. Dark colours have a richer depth to them and other colours become more vibrant. Gloss laminate is perfect for menus, advertising, catalogues, book covers and photos.

Matt laminate creates an elegant, professional and sophisticated finish to print. Matt lamination gives a subtle, tactile effect that oozes quality, great for items where image and first impressions mean everything. Matt laminate gives a flatter look items such as photo books however does not offer the same level of protection that the gloss does. It can be easily scratched and leave finger print marks that are not easily wiped away.

Soft Touch laminate is the best of both worlds. You have a finish that can be wiped clean like Gloss and is more scratch resistant than Matt. In addition, the texture is much more velvety than Matt and due to this gives a Luxurious and lasting impression of high quality. It is ideal for any material that you want to give a WOW factor to. It tantalises the senses and leaves people wanting more.

Author: Jordan Rzymski Lead Designer

Royal Theatrical Fund

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