Using Stock Photos When Designing Your Print!

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Using Stock Photos When Designing Your Print!

Using Stock Photography

When it comes to your design, photography and imagery has always been a vital part. There are many companies that use low quality images which does not reflect well on their business, product and/or services they are promoting.

Some use images and logos that they have on their website but these are usually not suitable for printing as they are often low resolution. Web designers use small low resolution files on websites to enable the pages to load quickly but if the same files are taken from the site and used for print they will look pixelated, blury and unprofessional.

There is an answer to this issue - stock imagery. Stock imagery is easy to find on the internet, download and its ready to be used. There are literally thousands of images and photos to choose from, enabling you to find exactly what you need. You should be able to get both a small file for your web site and a larger version for your printed materials. You need to ensure the images you use for print are high resolution, 300dpi or above. There are many websites where you are able to download high quality imagery for free! Once you have downloaded the image it is possible to edit it and use it immediatley. This will make a huge difference to your print quality and the results you achieve! Here is a few examples of some sites offering free images/photos.

Please see a small list of our favourite ones.






Author: Jordan Rzymski Lead Designer

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