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Digital Foil & Digital Spot Gloss Finishing

So how can we help you sell more of your products/services? Well first of all you need to know that the most successful business owners have discovered that you do not sell a product or service: You sell the idea! But in order to sell your idea you have to be noticed and this is how you get noticed!

Something Truely Amazing

Digital Foil & Digital Spot Gloss Finishing Features

Generic print & marketing doesn’t work anymore!



Production times are greatly reduced compared to traditional foiling methods.



More intricate designs with fewer limitations become a reality.


No Set Up Costs

No blocks or costly set ups and running times. One offs and low quantities ideally suited.



Available in range of colours, as well as matt, pearlescent, diffraction, and glossy finishes.

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Foiling Is No Longer Only An Option For Big Budgets, Long Runs Or Extended Lead Times

This NEW solution is ideal for short run 'targeted marketing'campaigns and can become a very powerful tool increasing your chances of success.

Foil on print is fast becoming very fashionable and the great news is that this amazing finishing option is now available for short run production and can be individual personalised. Also known as 'Digital Sleeking' this process can transform your normal everyday print into a uniquely eye catching peice!

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